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Do you have a soul-based biz or practice –

or do you plan on creating one soon –

but you feel blocked, stopped up or unsure about how to create

and open to RECEIVE…

the money (& reality) of your True Heart’s Desires?

Does this sound like you:

You know you have amazing Gifts to share with the world –

or, more specifically, with your Soul Mate Clients –

but you are inclined, to some extent, to hide and feel shy

when it comes to being more visible and accessible.


You know you are here on Earth to help create

a more healed and beautiful experience for Humanity –

but you experience some fear around being:

The FULL-ON 100% PROSPEROUS Magical Witchy Healer/Creator/Conjurer
you KNOW you are here to BE!


HI! I’m Astra. I know you. I get you. I was you. I AM YOU! 🙂

~ I have spent several lifetimes – several centuries – being banished, punished, tortured and KILLED as a witch, shaman, healer, Messenger of God.

~ I have spent the last 3 decades rediscovering, reclaiming and EMBODYING my Healing Gifts and abilities in this lifetime.

~ I spent the larger part of last year, 2022, processing through – and fully healing from – what I call the “Witch Wound.”

I see your blocks – and I see how you can move forward.


If you are anything like me (and if you are a member of my Magical Witchy Healer Tribe,

then YOU ARE!) – you definitely understand the feeling of wanting so much

to jump in and do your Soul Purpose Healer work –

but you feel held back from fully expressing all of who you are,

sharing your Soul’s True Message, and calling forth your True Tribe…

and your Soul Mate Clients(🧚‍♂️!)…to the extent that you truly desire.


You know you are here to help your Tribe.

You know something’s been holding you back – and you are sooo over it.

It is time for you to process and release the old “stuff….”

So you can set forth fully on your journey into the realm of Brave & Prosperous Healing Leadership!


You desire this. You want it. You are ready to let go of all that is NOT you,
so you can BE ALL OF WHO YOU ARE,
embody your Truth and Power,
share the Gifts of Your Soul – and THRIVE!



YOU ARE The Money Miracle you’ve been praying for ~

YOU ARE Divine ~

You deserve all you desire!


And when you fill your own cup to overflowing,

you have a waaay larger capacity to help others

and create your healing impact on Earth!


Amazing One – This is your invitation to SOAR with me for a *FULL YEAR* in:

The Money Miracle



In this most magical Heart-Soul-and-Cosmos-Created New Prosperity IMMERSION,

Spirit Beings and Cosmic Friends are here at your behest

standing at the ready to assist you in aligning with and embodying YOUR New Prosperity energy!



We receive visits from The Flowers, The Animals, Lemurians, wizards, galaxies –

PLUS) My Red Dragon Spirit Guide (A MOST POWERFUL SOUL BIZ HELPER!) and more:

– all of whom want us Magical Witchy Souls to prosper and thrive.

These helpers come through with healings, messages and guidance at their divinely appointed times

– exactly when we need their support.


Also (if you know me, you know, lol)…

In the Money Miracle there ARE dance parties – and parties in general – GALORE!

For, in The New Prosperity, FUN and JOY are KEY to staying in your prosperous groove!


There are also times of extreme peace, relaxation & dreaming – for this IS the state

in which to create your most powerful manifestations into BEing.


PLUS, in this highest vibrational, no holds barred Money MastermindHeartSoul….

Amidst all of the fun, there exists:

~ Warm community in our sensational, loving, private Money Miracle Facebook Group in which to play, transform, alchemize and SING OUT as we claim our power, magic & Hearts’ desires!

~ TWICE DAILY Money Miracle Attunements as a distance energy healing for the Group…all 365 days that we journey together (always integrated with your energy at 2:22pm Central & 11:11pm Central)!

~ Weekly Facebook Live Money Miracle Healing Transmissions – Ask me your questions and receive instant Money Miracle Healing (if you can’t be there live, you can always pre-ask your Q’s/pre-post your healing requests. I will address them during the Live and you can catch the Healing replay)!

~ Access to the full suite of New Prosperity Sound Healing Codes – these are the basis for all your Money Miracle creations!

~ Monthly channeled Money Miracle Sound Healing & Spoken Word Codes that directly align you with your inner prosperity, clean your aura and energy systems and leave you relaxed, refreshed and ready to CONJURE your desired money (& reality) into your realm!



Connect with your Soul.

Are you ready to fully embody your power and magic,



Choose from Full-Pay, 6-Pay or 12-Pay! >>>> Or – NEW!! The 24-Pay option!

I want to make it as easy as possible for you to say YES to your Self…

Claim the prosperity you deserve….

And equip yourself with ALL of the Energetic Heart-and-Soul Infused tools available to you

as you dance freely into your MIRACULOUS DIVINE FULLNESS!


>> I am so happy to offer you a full-pay option for GREAT savings – plus many different payment plan options to make it easy to say YES to your Soul!

$2222 – Full Pay (Savings!!) >> ME, ME, ME!

$398 – 6 Monthly Payments >> I choose this!

$218 – 12 Monthly Payments >> Easy Peasy for Meee-zy!

$139 – 24 Monthly Payments >> This ROCKS – I’m IN!

If The Money Miracle speaks to your Soul, we would LOVE to have you in!


Going for the Full-Pay:

6-Pay for Me:

12-Pay is MY Way:

24-Pay ROCKS:


Let’s make Magic!


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