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Dear Magical Witchy Healer Tribe:

*Do you ever find yourself feeling all alone in your spiritual biz?

*Do you get overwhelmed with everything on your to-do list, sometimes to the extent

that you end up getting next-to-nothing accomplished?

*Are you so certain within your soul that you have a mission to help and support your Tribe

(as only YOU uniquely can) – but you don’t feel like you are being found

by your perfect Soul Mate Clients?


~ If you are seeking a safe, love-filled Magical Witchy Healer community

in which to commune, play, alchemize and raise your vibes….

~ If you know you want to grow – and succeed in! – your magical, soul-powered biz,

and you are looking for support – magical, practical and (? other….LOL!)….

~ If you are so ready to get your ideas, energies and Magical Offerings grounded,

ready and OUT THERE….


If you are ready to release the fear of being seen, heard and loved

by your own Magical Witchy Healer Tribe and Soul Mate Clients….

The Witchy Spirit Biz Club is the remedy!

The Club is just the magic potion needed in order to:

>> Let go of the heavy burden of having to do it all alone and play every role in your biz

>> Get clear on what feels good AND will work for you in order to sustain and grow

your happy, healthy and prosperous soul-led, heart-centered, Witchy biz


And I, Astra…Witchy Spirit extraordinaire!…will BE with you along the way,

sharing energy-boosting, high vibrational attunements, Soul Biz wisdom and healing codes

to help you claim your Truth as the Magical Being you are – so you can stand in your power,

be seen by your peeps, and receive the prosperity that is SO ready to rain down upon you!

Hi! I’m Astra the Money Mage!
I’ve been connecting healers with their empowerment & inner abundance since 2006 –
and I sure do love it!
Let’s get you seen, adored and PAID!


What do you receive within the Witchy Spirit Biz Club?

~ A magical, vibrant and safe private Facebook “Clubouse” in which to schmooze, ask your biz questions, alchemize from heavy to light and activate your abundance & Soul Biz Powers!

~ Magical Mondays: Weekly magical biz infusions & tools to help you embody your power, visibility and abundance as a Witchy Spirit biz owner!

~ TUT (Tell Us Tuesdays): Share what’s happening with you and your Witchy biz. Tell us about your projects, offerings, ideas, celebrations, frustrations – our gathered high vibration contributes to forward motion!

~ Witchy Q & A Wednesdays: Your biz empowerment questions answered! Let’s hash it out and get your biz flowing in your desired direction!

~ Witchy Words-Day Thursdays: Share any biz copy you are working on if you would love feedback on its clarity & power of engagement.

~ Soulful Self-Care Fridays: Let’s unwind and let go, so we can come back from the weekend refreshed and renewed.

~ 2 monthly Live Witchy Spirit Biz Talks in our magical FB Clubhouse – Get your questions answered and your Magical Witchy Biz on track – and receive channeled New Prosperity energy transmissions!

~ I PROMOTE YOU! >> Regular inclusion of your Magical Witchy biz offerings in Featured Posts on our 🧙‍♀️Witchy Spirit Biz Promotions Facebook page, Featured Tweets on our 🧙‍♀️Witchy Spirit Biz Promotions Twitter account, and Featured Pins on our dedicated 🧙‍♀️Witchy Spirit Biz Promotions Pinterest board!

Is Witchy Spirit Biz Club for you?

The Club is for you if:

~ You are a healer, oracle, starseed, Good Witch, shaman, psychic, intuitive, medium, soul-based biz owner/entrepreneur – any and all the “Clairs” (Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient, Claircognizant, Clairalient, Clairgustatory…) – in fact, a Witchy Spirit! & you have an up-and-running biz, and would LOVE community and support for…staying grounded in your Abundance Receiving mode & being visible to your Tribe!

~ OR, if you are any or all of the above (i.e. a Magical Witchy Healer!), but you are just starting out in the CREATION stages of your Magical Witchy biz and would LOVE community and powerful support in getting your biz moving forward and your offerings out into the world!

(PLEASE NOTE: If you know you would love your own biz but you don’t yet have one up-and-running or in the works…. If you don’t know yet what your biz will even look like…. If you aren’t sure of your purpose and you don’t know who you help or how you help them…. THEN you will want to: Work with me one-on-one! I have a special Witchy Spirit Biz Mentoring Package just for you! >> CONTACT ME via the form at the bottom of this page letting me know you’re interested, and I’ll tell you all about it!)


Hop in now to claim this amazing Earlybird pricing of just:

$44 – Monthly Membership

$111 – Quarterly Membership

$444 – Annual Membership

>> Take action now: Pricing goes up on the Equinox – 9/23!

Choose your payment plan below:

(PLEASE NOTE: Once you sign up for the Witchy Spirit Biz Club, you remain locked in at your original pricing for as long as you are a member. You may cancel your membership at any time. You will remain a member for the most recent month, quarter or year paid for. There are no refunds. If you choose to re-sign up after cancelling, you’ll pay the most current price point for the membership.)

I am in for the MONTHLY Membership!
~ Earlybird Special Ends on the Equinox: 9/23! ~


I am in for the QUARTERLY Membership!
~ Earlybird Special Ends on the Equinox: 9/23! ~


I am in for the ANNUAL Membership!
~ Earlybird Special Ends on the Equinox: 9/23! ~



Once you are all signed up, ask to join our magical Facebook Clubhouse, HERE:

>> The Witchy Spirit Biz Club <<

See you on the inside!


Astra the Money Mage

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