The Money Party: Abundance Alchemy

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If you’ve ever watched one of my videos, you have found me sitting there in a roomful of animals – cracking myself UP!! 😀

I realized a long time ago that it’s useless for me to try to “act professional” on video (or ever, for that matter!) – because my true self is fun and funny. Light. Shiny. Even when I have blocks or have been through heavy times energetically – my true self remains, and she/me is HAPPY.

I’ve also learned that one’s state of pure happiness and fun is THE most abundant way to BE. The most prosperity-attractive!

This is because your happiness is a high vibrational state.

And when you are high vibrational, you are LIGHT.

And money likes light.

I will dally no longer and get right down to it – I’ve created a new 3-Day High vibe UBER ABUNDANT experience for us – and I am thrilled to invite you IN!

It’s basically a money party. We’re going to get you in the vibe of your MONEY MAGNETISM and have HUGE FUN – while also doing the deep excavation work to unearth and release any of those pesky money blocks that are still hanging around!

It’s gonna be like…Dare I say it?...Out with the Old – and IN WITH THE GOLD!! (And the BOLD! And your New Money Mold!!) lol…..The GOOD kind of mold, of course – within which one creates something. 😉

YAHOO. You are SUCH a powerful creator, and that includes MONEY CREATION.

Time to kick lack of confidence to the curb and adjust your dials so your antennae can transmit your Own. Unique. New Prosperity Vibe.

Time to get reaaallllllly high dimensional and welcome in the fast manifestation of your true desires – the ones you carry gingerly in your heart.

Partner with your Soul – and The New Prosperity – and ME, and watch your money garden grow and bloom faster than you can give it sunlight and water!

The energy behind this 3-day par-tay is BRIGHT, VOLUMINOUS, FULFILLING and BEAUTIFUL.

I can hardly even channel all of the words to describe this experience.

All I can say is – connect with your Heart and Soul – and connect with the energy of our upcoming journey:


The Wealth Activation Celebration for Healers

As many of you know, all of my pricing – low to high – comes directly from my SOUL.

And so – when I asked my soul what I should charge for this marvel of an abundance experience, wanna know what my soul showed me?




And I’m good with that! I even tested it out with some other pricing suggestions. My soul would not budge. 

So – here we are!

What you receive when you join this most miraculous journey:

~ A private Facebook Abundance Alchemy party hub! 😉

~ PRE-Money Party – Early access to our FB Abundance Alchemy party hub – come on in and enjoy the fun! I’ll be uploading a plethora of freaking AWESOME party favors to align you with your abundance vibe – and there WILL be dancing! (And singing, at least on my behalf – lol!!) 😉

~ 3 Abundance Alchemy Live Check-ins daily during our official journey – at around noon-ish Central. Hang, laugh, dance and sing in real-time and let us know what you’re up to – or have fun along with us in the replays!

~ 3 Abundance Alchemy Live Healing Activation sessions – at around 3:30pm-ish Central. Channeled Abundance Alchemy healing to release money blocks and fill in with the GOLD that is your Truth. BE the Money Magnet you truly are!

~ 3 channeled Abundance Alchemy Sound Healing Codes – these Codes from the New Prosperity are like, YOWSAH POWERFUL!! – I will post the MP3s of the Codes with instructions on how to use them. 

~ POST-Money Party –  Access to the Abundance Alchemy group for 8 days beyond our money party journey – to hang, ask me your questions, share your Aha’s, successes and celebrations. I am here for you! 

~ FOREVER Money Party! 😉 – Access to a special private Abundance Alchemy web page with the recordings of the Healing Activation videos and Sound Healing audios – PLUS all the yummmy party favors – yours to keep once our journey is complete. Revisit the goods as guided, any time!


It IS!

When I tap into this money party energy I get that feeling of ooey gooey dreamy creamy abundance energy – plus a drizzle of excitement energy soaring down my spine!!



OH – And by the way, the official Abundance Alchemy journey takes place March 27, 28 & 29. 

But there’s a pre-party. And a post-party. And a FOREVER party! 😀

So, for $27, are you ready to say YES to opening to abundance and all you desire?

>> JUMP IN! <<

Your Space of Zero Limits and Bountiful Overflow awaits you HERE

WHOA – $27 and we start on the 27th!! Just noticed this!! I love our ever-Magical Universe!

(OK – now I have butterflies in my stomach. I am glad they are energy butterflies and not physical ones. LOLOL!!)

Come fly with me…to the >> MONEY PARTY!

March 27, 28 & 29!

Love love love you!!

See you there!!


(money party) lol 😛 😉 😀

p.s. Please post and share this page – tell & tag all of your Healer friends!

Invite them IN to this incredible money party!!!

The more the merrier – and parties are more fun with friends!

Thank you thank you thank you! Love!!


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